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Pregnancy Discrimination: For the first time in 30 years, effective immediately, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidance on how employers must treat and accommodate their pregnant employees, this includes dads! Click below see what all the hype is about!
The Guidance  |  A Fact Sheet  |  Q&A Sheet

POTUS issues and executive order than bans discrimination against Federal LGBT employees: This POTUS Order has gotten a lot of media attention over the last week. The order aims to eliminate injustices committed against LGBT people in the federal workplace. The order extends protections to transsexuals and includes companies who receive federal contacts.
The Order  |  ABC News   |  USA Today   |  Law 360  |  In the words of Lily Brown

POTUS issues an Executive Order on fair pay and safe workplaces
POTUS issued a second Executive Order on July 31st. This time focusing on labor violations and the practices of companies who receive contracts from the federal government.
The Order  |  NYT  |  In the words of Abigail Larimer

Study finds women are penalized for promoting other women. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado found that “women and non-whites executives” who push for the promotion and hiring of other “women and non0whites” suffer in performance reviews.
WSJ  |  In the words of Lily Brown

MLB players sue MLB for Wages: Yadel Marti, Former Oakland Athletics pitcher, a several other former MLB players filed a labor and antitrust class action lawsuit against the MLB in California. Players allege that the MLB, through teams across the country, pay their low ranking players less than minimum wage.
Law 360

Delta News: Delta Airlines is ready to pay a group of its cargo workers $1.4 million after being accused of failing to provide them with overtime and meal breaks in violation of California labor law. The settlement, proposed by Delta Airlines, received preliminary approval by a California federal judge.
Law 360

Ban the Box: Illinois joins several states, and cities, that have passed ban the box legislation. Ban the box will prohibit private employers from considering an applicant’s criminal history prior to offering a position of employment.

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